VIDEO:Rose Muhando’s friend and Kamba Gospel Artist Stephen Kasolo possessed!

Shocking news reaching has it that Rose Muhando’s friend and Kamba Gospel artist Stephen Kasolo Kitole has been possessed! In a video that emerged online,Kasolo is seen being taken out of an event by unknown people surrounded by shocked event attendants. The musician is heard shouting a name of a fellow Kamba artist saying he is behind his woes. Just like in Rose Muhando’s case where she blamed her manager,kasolo blames his Kamba rival artist who had just arrived in the same event attended by him(Stephen Kasolo Kitole). Attendants of the event are heard shouting and saying that Kasolo is not right by mentioning the name of the artist who had just arrived at the event and had not greeted him or talked to him.

Kasolo is seen in the video trying to tell his handlers to allow him speak of the matter while shouting the name of the artist. His handlers fail to hear him and force him inside a vehicle.

Just three days ago,Kasolo released a song where he features Rose Muhando titled “MSITUFUATEFUATE”. Stephen Kasolo and Rose Muhando have been friends for a while now and have been seen in many occasions together after their first collabo titled “Hautasumbuka tena.”

Kasolo later took to his facebook page and wrote this;

“Let me say this … I have encountered alot in this life only that have been waiting upon the Lord to heal my heart… Yesterday I cried almost an hour at machakos Becouse there is a certain Musician who is using my son’s whom i have helped in the music industry to insult and tarnish my name
The boys I have taken care of …prayed for and supported 😭😭.. It’s not the 1st time.. the past two years this guy went to kitui picked my girlfriend and spoke all evil he could do to bring me down … We had to separate with the girl for no good reason … Yesterday the girl called me and told me the guy is asking her to help him bring me down Again … Nimelia .. nimesononeka.. Why all this?
Ninajua mengi naeza sema nilipize…. ninauwezo wakujitetea… lakini nianze wapi mimi… nimejaribu kutetea mwili wa kristo kupitia kunyamaza but Bado ananifuata!
Family pray for me … It’s too much for me since He is older than me and he has biological parents to support him while doing all this.
Mungu wangu Atanitetea since Sina baba wala mama!!
Mungu Unaye tetea Yatima Nitetee kabla nikate tamaa!!”


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