Governor Sonko explains why he prefers walking alone

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has come out to explain why he prefers walking alone most of the times.

The governor explained this through a post he shared on his official Facebook page on Friday January 4,2018.

The governor posted this;

“Sometimes I prefer walking alone because when the devil wants to destroy you he uses your friends. And when God wants to promote you He uses your enemies. If it wasn’t because of our friends our enemies wouldn’t know our secrets.

In life we need to be more careful about friends more than enemies. Most rats die with food in their mouths thinking someone is feeding them yet someone is killing them in form of feeding them.

There are friends who help you in life so that it will be easy for them to destroy you later. Abraham went on a journey with Lot. God was silent until they separated then He spoke to Abraham again. At times its the friends around you that push God away from you.

Evaluate your friends as you about to start a new year. How have thy built you this year? How have thy encouraged you this year? Don’t keep them because you will have none to talk to…maybe that’s the reason God is not talking to you or you can’t hear him. Be wise.”


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