Governor Mutua statement after meeting with Governor Kibwana and Ngilu

Below is Machakos county’s governor Alfred Mutua statement after meeting with Makueni county governor Kivutha Kibwana and Kitui county governor Charity kaluki Ngilu.


Read below the full statement released by Governor Alfred Mutua;


I am very grateful to the leaders who joined me in launching of the new 19 km tarmac road from Kivandini to Masinga in Machakos County. The road will contribute to the economic growth by providing fast and easy access to markets, attracting investors to create jobs and wealth for my people, while ensuring smooth and effective delivery of government services to wananchi in the area. No doubt, the road will improve the quality of life and make my people a lot happier.

Entirely constructed by the Machakos County Roads Technical Team at an average cost of 11.5 million shillings per kilometer, the road demonstrates what can be achieved by prudent use and management of public resources. The model has also helped my government build many similar roads since 2013.

Today, I have launched the 100 million litres Nthungululu DAM, built by my Government. This life changing water reservoir will provide free, clean and purified water to the people of the water-scarce area of Ndalani ward in Yatta. The dam, fully with a purification plant, storage reservoir and reticulation lines across the villages is now serving homesteads which had never dreamt of having tap water. Maendeleo, Maendeleo, Maendeleo.

This type of development is what we, the three governors, and our people of goodwill are focusing on.


I am, however, aware that the coming together of myself and my able colleagues Charity Ngilu and Prof. Kivutha Kibwana for Maendeleo is making a few leaders uncomfortable and they will soon embark on their normal propaganda and insult-laden programs meant to pour cold water on this great idea whose time has come.

I have been asking myself:

Why would some leaders be afraid of development of our people? Why would they be against leaders who can change lives by working together?

I fail to understand this selfish and myopic thinking whose instinct is to attempt to fracture any unity or good ideas for our people. Why are they scared that Ngilu, Kivutha and Mutua have placed the plight of our people first and decided to accelerate Maendeleo? Why do they attack

Our people have suffered enough and remained poor and disempowered while being used to propel some self-seeking individuals individuals to positions of power and wealth.

We refuse.

Our people will not be held hostage and continue to swim in the ocean of desperation and abject poverty whereas it is possible to change their fortunes.


As it is, suicide rates in the Ukambani counties and especially of our men, are the highest in the Nation. People are frustrated and psychologists will tell you, stress and desperation and a sense of hopelessness is a major cause of suicide.

This is not surprising because after so many years of being told “vomwe na vayetwa”(never compromise) and being told to believe that they are better of as “nja ng’endu” (proud to be poor), our people are seeing their leaders get richer while they remain poor.

The leaders who mislead them to be proud of poverty live lavishly with their families whereas the voters have been thrown into hellish days of hardship and suffering. No wonder they are drinking poison and hanging themselves to escape this destructive ideology. Very sad.


This is what we must change. We must give our people HOPE by giving them opportunities and initiating development programs that make their lives easier and better. We want the lives of our people to soften

The whims of an individual and his sycophants will from now henceforth never deny our people their rights – access to wealth, jobs, water, electricity, youth empowerment and roads. We will stand up for our people’s rights.


People wonder why it is that in Ukambani there are constant wrangles – Makueni government was nearly dissolved, Machakos is rife with infighting and now temperatures in Kitui are at a boiling point.

Is it because the same individual, who publicly pretends to be a peacemaker, is busy creating crisis because when others are in disarray he can sit pretty with no one asking him “weekie ata? ” (What have you done for your people?)

Are our MCAs unknowingly being manipulated and used to perpetuate poverty in the name of protecting an individual and the quest for national leadership?


Well, the ground has shifted. Our people have demanded that we come together as their Governors to champion a development. They are telling us that they want to go into the future with leaders who care about the plight of the people and not their personal greed. We are simply responding to this call.

People need to know that the the old trick of keeping the people poor so that they hold you as their only messiah is gone. This is a new Kenya and a we have a vigilant citizens who are demanding for a new crop of leaders. Our people are asking leaders to account for their time in leadership and show their deeds.

It is because of this that we, the three Governors, committed ourselves to unite around our regions economic interests. Ours is unity of purpose for the development of our people and it is UNSTOPPABLE.

We are open and ready to work with all leaders to deliver services and development projects to our people. We will reach out to our MPs, MCAs and all facets of community leadership so that we move together.

There is a time for everything and everyone under the sun – to paraphrase the scriptures. The past is the past. We are now in the present with a new energy and focusing on the future.

I call upon our people, our colleagues, our professionals, youth and women leaders, our teachers, our wise religious leaders and our esteemed elders to ponder who and what really ails our people and to enlighten Wananchi by giving them hope that lives will now be better because there is a way.

Yesterday we launched a road, today a mega water dam and tomorrow something else. The same is happening in Makueni and Kitui. The future is bright.

Therefore, please put that poison down. Please put away the rope. Do not give up. There is hope because Ngilu, Kivutha and Mutua, and other leaders are working together for you and God loves you and loves Ukambani.

The game is changing.

Dr. Alfred N. Mutua
January 10, 2019.”


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