Moses Kuria FULL press release following reports of his resignation

Below is Gatundu South MP’s full press release today January 10.2019 following reports of his resignation.

“Following my speech in Thika Stadium on the eve of the new year, there has been heated debate in the 
country and rising political temperatures which are coming at a very early phase of a new year
On the 4th of January, 2019, I addressed a press conference in Gatundu South and clarified that my 
speech was directed at Kiambu County Leadership and not His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta. I 
have nothing but utmost respect for President Kenyatta with whom I have worked for a long time 
towards making Kenya a great nation. In that press conference I offered my unqualified apology to the 
President for any hurt and misconception that my words may have created. I hereby reiterate that 
apology to the President and my fellow Kenyans
Despite that apology, I have continued to receive a barrage of personalized attacks from people with 
personal and political scores to settle with me. Whereas I have no problem with politicians taking 
opportunity to revive their dead or collapsing political careers, I am troubled that they are doing it in a 
manner that is designed to create a rift between myself and the President with whom I enjoy excellent 
relations and who is indeed one of the 72,000 voters from Gatundu South who are my defacto 
Even more ominous, is the very wrong misconception that has been created that I am opposed to the 
Building Bridges Initiative and the Handshake. I have been very consistent in supporting the BBI and I 
have traversed many parts of this country including Kakamega, Homa Bay and Kisumu. Furthermore 
there is nothing wrong with the President launching projects in any part of this country. I have similarly 
sent an invitation to Hon Raila Odinga to come to Gatundu South to come and launch projects there in 
the spirit of Building Bridges Initiative. It is surprising that those who are accusing me of wrecking the 
handshake have not contributed in any way to its success. I am a beneficiary of the handshake. Since 
2007, the only part of Kisumu I could venture into is Kisumu Airport. Thanks to the handshake, I can now 
freely walk in the streets of Kisumu
As a country we are at the cross roads of a major decision we have to make to continue being captive to 
the fears and divisions of the past or to redefine our nationhood with a sense of hope and optimism. If 
we don’t do this, and due to our troubled history, every thing whether minor or major, whether 
innocent or otherwise will be taken out of context. We can not live like this. The Building Bridges 
Initiative offers us a historic and unique opportunity to redefine our nationhood. As one who has been 
at the cross hairs of this conflict even facing criminal charges in the course of defending the Jubilee 
Government, I will play a very active role in this endeavor. I have requested the BBI secretariat to give 
me a slot to present my views on how we will achieve a new dawn as a nation including a new 
constitutional dispensation that will make every Kenyan feel they are part of this nation and believe they 
will share into her prosperity
At the same time, we are facing momentous challenges especially on the economic front with serious 
budgetary, revenue and debt constraints and depressed private sector activity. Our Small Businesses are 
not accessing credit due to the interest rates cap and our people are really struggling. We can not make 
this worse through continued political activities and unnecessary distractions. Particularly it is not time 
to focus on future elections when our economy requires serious work
It is instructive to note that I was one of the leading figures in the Jubilee campaigns in 2013 and 2017. 
The campaign I conducted under the aegis of Mbele Iko Sawa Initiative in 2017 was based on 
enumerating Jubilee’s sterling development record all over the country including Mt Kenya region. In 
any case I have keenly listened to leaders like Governors Waititu, Waiguru, Kimemia, Kiraitu and Wa Iria 
and they are unanimous that there is visible development in their counties. I stand guided accordingly 
and I can not claim to be an authority on their counties more than them
2019 is a watershed year in our country. It is the year we will conduct the census based on biometric 
technology. It is my firm resolve that the new CRA formula for sharing of resources will be based on an 
equitable formula that emphasizes on population first and other considerations later. The same 
principle of equity and fairness will be applied for the delimitation of boundaries. The spirit of the
handshake should help to redress historical injustices on resource sharing and skewed representation 
that happened as a result of our divisions of the past
I want to call upon all Kenyans not to give up on this country. To the youth of this country I say, our 
problems are not insurmountable. We may point our things that are not going right occasionally but we 
should never succumb to the forces of negativity, bitterness or perpetual whining. It is within our God 
given abilities to resolve our issues. This is the generation that will fix our country and the future 
generations will not forgive us if we do not. All we need is positivity, unity, hard work and respect for 
each and every one including our leaders and more so President Uhuru Kenyatta
Finally I hope this will put this debate to rest. Let’s not talk about development; Let’s go down to our 
people and fast track development. This is the duty of all of us especially leaders. To those within the 
executive to whom H.E the President has entrusted the duty of executing his vision for this country, 
2019 is the year to work harder to deliver. We can do better especially on the speed of execution of 
already funded projects. And to those who may have wanted to exploit the current crisis for selfish 
objectives I also urge you to go back to working for our people. I trust that this will put to an end the 
subtle and not too subtle threats to my life from opportunists, details of which I shared with DCI George 
Kinoti, a man of immense capabilities and patriotism and who is doing everything possible to investigate 
the same
God Bless Kenya.
Hon Moses Kuria
MP, Gatundu South.”


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